Negotiating A Commercial Real Estate Lease - A Step by Step Guide

Negotiating a  Commercial Real Estate Lease System.

Let me show you the power and force of the six-phase system I have developed over 25 years of commercial real estate experience. 

Save huge amounts of money by applying simple principles to Toronto Commercial Real Estate.  

Learn how to negotiate the best net rental rates and protect yourself from hidden costs. Avoid landlords manipulating you.  

The Leasing Process is relatively easy if you take it step by step and leave yourself enough time to do so.  Remember, landlords want to rent space as much as you want to rent it. You are the buyer and they are the seller.  Don't let them turn the tables on you especially if you are renewing a lease! 

Step 1 Don't Hire Your Landlords Agent

Step 2  Make Sure You Get to Negotiate the Lease as well as the Offer to Lease

Step 3.  Get Real and Competitive Bids

Step 4 Get Your Own Space Planner

Step 5 The Sands of Time

Step 6 Negotiate Your Lease

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